About GiantByte

GiantByte creates custom software applications, websites and apps for start-ups, small and large businesses and not-for-profits.

At GiantByte we have access to a team of proven and trusted contractors to ensure your project has the exact skills and talent required for the best outcome. Unlike staff-based software companies that are limited by the skill-sets they’ve hired, GiantByte finds the expertise your unique project requires.

GiantByte has been solving business problems with smart software solutions since 2004. We’ve crafted a just-in-time ordering and workflow tracking system that follows the manufacturing process through to delivery and accounting for a multinational concrete company. We’ve built portals for not-for-profit-organizations. Document management. Hardware integrations. App development. You name it, we’ve done it, or we’re up for it.

Any technology, any platform

Having the freedom to choose the best software / platform combinations has yielded more cost effective projects. 

We have no office, and never have since we started in 2004. All of our team works from home, at locations all over Canada. At any given time we will have 6 – 12 developers and creatives working on projects. 

Although we can work on any platform, some of our major projects have been completed using:

  • React Native
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • Linux
"GiantByte has exceeded our expectations. With GiantByte as a partner, our capabilities have expanded, and we are solving higher-value problems for our clients."
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Michael Boroditsky,
Owner and Project Manager

Michael Boroditsky has spent over 20 years in the custom software business, starting as a developer, and now running projects (everything from business analysis and project management to testing).

Michael has developed e-commerce solutions that process millions of dollars in sales annually, and now manages projects with various sizes of teams; no two projects alike.

Over the years Michael has been responsible for the custom software requirements of large companies and startups including; educational publishing companies and a multi-national concrete manufacturer. Solutions have included a large-scale document management system, custom office software, membership portals and custom hardware integrations.