Impossible business problem? Perfect.

We make custom software, from billing to manufacturing systems, or straightforward office software, we build custom solutions that make a big difference for our clients. 

Use our experience, from working on projects with large companies and fresh startups, to help guide your project. 

Have an idea but not sure if it can work? We love a challenge, and building software that never existed before. Let’s start with a conversation and go from there. 

Any technology, any platform

Our philosophy at GiantByte is not to be tied to any one technology or programming language. We want to pair your project with the right technology to provide you the best value and function.

"We've never heard ‘it can't be done’. We save thousands of dollars every year as a result of this solution."
High Voltage Enterprises

Planning your project
and keeping it on track

At our initial (free) consultation, we’ll do a lot of listening, ask a lot of questions, and put together a picture of your business that captures all of the relevant details. We’ll determine your requirements, and even the “nice-to-haves”, that would transform your business as you require.

Many custom software vendors retain ownership of the software you pay them to develop. At GiantByte Software the customer owns the code.

We use an ‘agile’ software development process, which has us checking in with you (at most) every two weeks. This provides you with maximum flexibility as your project is developed. 

Additionally, we release a version of the software for your review frequently, and we will always work first on your highest priorities. You will quickly have a piece of software (long before completion) that has basic function, with the most important features working as quickly as possible.

How do I know I need a custom solution?

If you rely heavily on paper or spreadsheets, you are a good candidate for custom software. If you have a problem that no off-the-shelf software can handle just as you need to, we can custom craft the unique solution for you.

We also create custom software and integrate it with unique or customized hardware. We are truly up for any challenge! 

What do you need to get started?

The more we know about you and your needs, the better our solution will be. We will need you to work closely with us to get all the details required to build you the solution you need.

Project financing

Developing software can be a substantial investment. Talk to us about options to share the risk, or to spread out the costs over longer periods of time.