We work with you to evaluate your business requirements, and choose the right technology for your needs.

We help with everything from custom software solutions to hardware integrations.

We help all sizes of business, from startup to enterprise.

The GiantByte Software Advantage

Our success is the result of:

Understanding how and why every customer, project and relationship are unique.

Tailoring our communication and project management approach to best suit your business and your needs.

Accessing the right expertise and talent for each unique project, from a trusted pool of GiantByte Canada-based contractors vs. being limited by the finite skill-sets of full-time employees.

Delivering software solutions that our clients’ and their businesses can depend on; no more, no less, no compromises

What makes us different?

We use the right technology and platform that delivers the best outcomes for each software solution – we are not committed to any one brand or platform.

We love challenges! When others say it can’t be done, or will cost too much, we find a way!

We build dependable and business-critical custom software solutions, whatever the need: billing systems, manufacturing software systems, product development, and more!

From Our Clients