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GiantByte is an affordable opportunity for small and midsize businesses to identify roadblocks and bottlenecks; in sales, production, quality control, customer service, billing - wherever there is room for improvement.

Accomplish more with existing resources, or expand. We consult, analyze, and ultimately assist with the refinement of business processes, as well as the development and life-cycle management of technological solutions to help achieve your stated goals.

No two businesses are alike - we insure you get the right solution to meet your needs, and your budget.

Our experience and expertise means our clients get a true partner - our clients don't consider us just a vendor. From the shop floor to the top floor we are available to meet your needs, from the biggest to smallest concerns.


GiantByte is with you from the consultation and needs analysis phase through to the deployment of custom built software, and beyond - providing ongoing support, maintenance and extension / customization as your requirements continue to evolve.


...BUT WHAT IF I Just Need A MODERN Website?

We make modern responsive websites (websites that adapt to the fit the display of the device they're being viewed on) so that you don't need to pinch or zoom to view it correctly.

A responsive website will simply look good whether it's viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, overhead projector, or large display.

Your can choose what options to include, but a typical web package will include these components:

  • Web design; anything from selection of pre-designed templates to integrated work with a graphic designer
  • A content management system that allows you to control the website content yourself (CMS)
  • Social media marketing & search engine optimization (SEO) to help get your website off the ground
  • You can contract through us or get a referral in order to have identity materials like business cards and letter created if necessary




Consultation & Needs Analysis

A common mistake is that a business will approach a custom software development vendor and get started producing a piece of software straight away; the mistake is in skipping a thorough consultation and needs analysis, and sometimes software specification process:

  • The software development vendor needs some time to get to know a thing or two about the business they're trying to help - they're in an experienced and expert position to make critical suggestions to improve the eventual solution / optimize business processes, but can't do that with a firm grasp on what's taking place at that business.
  • The business itself needs to go through a sometimes-extensive consultation process in which the stakeholders learn about the capabilities of various technologies and available options (and the functional and cost ramifications of each) in order to make the best decisions. 


Specification, and RFP / RFI development

GiantByte provides project specification, as well as RFP / RFI development services, with or without broader involvement in the transformation of an organization.

We strongly recommend that if you're looking at spending more than $10,000 on custom software development, taking the time to develop a specification of the deliverable.

The specification should be as detailed as possible, and if the vendor wants to be paid for the development of the specification, note that:

  • A thorough software specification can range from 15 - 50 pages
  • Spending 5% - 10% of your total development budget to insure that what you get is correct is actually a very small insurance policy to take out, when you consider how many custom software development projects worldwide run "very late", exceed their budgets by 100% or more, or fail completely - to borrow an expression from the construction industry, "Measure twice, cut once"


ENTERPRISE System Architecture & SOFTWARE Design

These days you don't need any budget at all to license expensive proprietary software in order to achieve an Enterprise solution; there are lots of top-shelf open source technologies you can access for free.

In fact, within these frameworks and engines are packages and plugins that can often be used to solve specific problems, often your problems, without the need to write any code, or much code, as the open source movement has taken on a lot of momentum among coders around the world.

GiantByte specializes in putting cutting edge technologies to work responsibly and reliably.


Project Management

GiantByte will show you your work-in-progress frequently, once a week if possible, getting feedback every time to insure your work (software development, marketing materials, business process revisions) are on target; for priority, function, time, and budget. 

GiantByte will always target critical path items first.


Software and Web Development

GiantByte is committed to an innovative software development and web development approach utilizing open source technology, when it is both (i) free, and (ii) the best tool for the job.

Some great web-based tools we're using repeatedly include Django, Git / GitHubnGinx,  MezzanineLinux, PostgreSQL and PyCharm.

Among the many benefits of this approach:

  • open source tools can be extended and customized without intervention / objection from a third-party [proprietary] software developer
  • there are no licensing fees
  • your evolving business requirements can always be addressed by your software, which will not need to be discarded, rather simply adapted, when your requirements take "a left turn" suddenly
  • open source tools typically get upgraded, for free, forever, by whoever has issued them

GiantByte can also develop apps for mobile devices using the iOSAndroid and BlackBerry  platforms, and has experience with freestanding local desktop software.



Getting software into production quickly, and with minimal risk starts at the project planning phase.

GiantByte will address deployment and production with you.


Backups and MONITORING

GiantByte is always concerned with the up-time of client software.

  • Someone needs to get notified quickly if your software stops working
  • Once a person is involved, they will start a process that ultimately analyzes the cause of the outage, preventing the problem from recurring into the future
  • Any number of unique hosting solutions can be devised to meet your requirements, from something basic, to an Enterprise solution
  • A full site backup will always be kept safe, in the event something completely unexpected, essential for a company of any size


GiantByte Software will offer initial training and support for an appropriate period, considering the nature of your software, once you go into production, at no charge.

Available support services include on-site training, authoring documentation, customizing workflow or user experience, use-case planning, testing and other forms of consultation. 



It's rarely the case that the needs analysis in advance of a custom software project will take into account all your eventual requirements.

This is true for several reasons, but most often because: 

  • business needs change over time,
  • nobody can predict the future, and
  • an "initial project budget" will prevent you from building "an ultimate version of the solution" to address every requirement imaginable

When the time comes to add new features, when these new features become necessary, or a change is required to an existing feature configuration, you'll be glad that GiantByte Software used innovative and flexible open source tools to implement your project.


Project Rescue

Sometimes a project is stalled, abandoned, or goes off the rails in some unpredictable manner, and for whatever reason a new vendor is required to save the project from being scrapped.

GiantByte has saved a number of projects from being restarted (and some we've advised simply needed to be restarted after looking at the state of the code).

If you're having problems with your vendor, contact us.



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