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GiantByte is an affordable opportunity for small and midsize businesses to identify roadblocks and bottlenecks; in sales, production, quality control, customer service, billing - wherever there is room for improvement.

Accomplish more with existing resources, or expand. We consult, analyze, and ultimately assist with the refinement of business processes, as well as the development and life-cycle management of technological solutions to help achieve your stated goals.

No two businesses are alike - we insure you get the right solution to meet your needs, and your budget.

Our experience and expertise means our clients get a true partner - our clients don't consider us just a vendor. From the shop floor to the top floor we are available to meet your needs, from the biggest to smallest concerns.


GiantByte will consult you to find the right technologies for the best outcomes. We haven't selected technologies we prefer before meeting you, except that we take note of good and bad technologies based on our experiences.



There's a lot of technology out there, and it can fall short of the mark in a lot of ways these days:

  • Often there is simply something better (easier to use, more features, better features)
  • Sometimes you want to avoid it because of poor architecture (bad basic design forces you to write your code badly, or the platform may even have security problems)
  • Often the problem is that the platform is a closed-source, proprietary system, and presents many problems at once:
    • It's expensive, but often without reason; there can be open source alternatives that are far better
    • Because it's not open source, you will never be able to make changes to "the source code", and subsequently you will never be able to truly customize the system - only make the configurations permitted by the software vendor
    • Because it's a proprietary system, you will never even own your own software, it belongs to the manufacturer of the software, and they are only licensing it to you - a license you typically have to renew periodically, forever



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