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GiantByte is an affordable opportunity for small and midsize businesses to identify roadblocks and bottlenecks; in sales, production, quality control, customer service, billing - wherever there is room for improvement.

Accomplish more with existing resources, or expand. We consult, analyze, and ultimately assist with the refinement of business processes, as well as the development and life-cycle management of technological solutions to help achieve your stated goals.

No two businesses are alike - we insure you get the right solution to meet your needs, and your budget.

Our experience and expertise means our clients get a true partner - our clients don't consider us just a vendor. From the shop floor to the top floor we are available to meet your needs, from the biggest to smallest concerns.


Your vendor needs be flexible enough to use the right people and the right technologies, for every task from start to finish, instead of turning to their in-house staff to solve every problem, no matter how foreign it might be, and relying on the skills the already know.



At the core, GiantByte is a collective of specialists with complimentary skills such as business analysis, database and server architecture, software design, user experience design, specification writing, and so on.

GiantByte is committed to using the right technologies for each project and where appropriate, expert consultants to insure the correct solution at every step.



The cycle from one software release (and your subsequent review and feedback) to another, is called an iteration. Iterations should typically be short, a week or two at longest, and at the end of the iteration, the goals for the next one should be planned, along with the time line, budget, and expectations.



Managing the budget and project priorities is your job, but we will offer as much assistance with this as you wish.

Managing your expectations is our job. 

Communications and expectations are tricky at the best of times; and if you don't feel that your expectations are being met, or managed correctly, say something immediately.

If the problem cannot be reconciled (or if there is not a good creative synergy) you ought to consider a different developer.



There is no single, reproducible process for producing excellence and if there were everyone would bash out fantastic software without exception. 

A great number of [available] developers have under five years of experience, and are available for work immediately because they lack the experience necessary.

Creating excellent results starts with using only the most qualified contractors for every task, and these days we rarely need to seek new developers. 

It is essential for your process to be as flexible as the project is unique, and the experience to know:

  • How to make software or web systems that are truly intuitive for users
  • What a customer means when they say something that is not technical
  • How long something will really take, despite a [potentially] low developer estimate


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